How about having AI take care of your industry’s motors?

Meet the WEG Motor Specialist: an innovative tool that transforms WEG’s 60-year expertise into effective results for your company.


Your motor powered by intelligence

The WEG Motor Specialist is a solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to diagnose, monitor, and indicate predictive maintenance on electric motors. This way, the suffering from unexpected machine and equipment shutdowns are minimal, as this tool will warn you in advance when something is not going well.

With it, it is possible:

Plan maintenance

Reduce costs

Optimize processes

Get more efficiency

The WEG Motor Specialist makes the motor fleet management much more effective when using the Learning machine techniques, which is the ability of a device to autonomously modify its behavior based on its own experience.

The sensor learns the performance standards that the monitored electric motor displays during its operation and makes this data available automatically through the Gateway to WEG Motion Fleet Management.

 From this, the WEG Motor Scan identifies, without human interference, vibration and temperature occurrences that alter the operating patterns of the monitored electrical equipment. After the identification, the WEG Motor Scan performs the automatic diagnosis of unbalancing and misalignment of electric motors. 

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